COVID19, useful information and resources for tenants and landloards

Thank you for your patience as we navigate this unprecedent situation. We understand
that the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis has been disruptive and has left many facing
uncertain financial situations. We want to assure you the health and safety of our
tenants and employees remain our top priority. Due to this, we want to remind you that
we are here to work with you and continue to provide safe and secure rental housing,
despite the challenges ahead.
On March 25, 2020, Housing Minister, Selina Robinson and Premier John Horgan
announced a robust program designed to assist tenants who may need help in making
ends meet to pay their rent. This program was designed with the vulnerable in mind –
renters who have faced loss of employment due to the COVID-19 crisis. A $500 rental
subsidy, administered by BC Housing, is available to tenants who have needed to apply
for Employment Insurance or the Federal Governments Emergency Care Fund as a
result of the ongoing pandemic. This $500 subsidy is available in addition to increased
GST rebates, increased provincial childcare benefits, standard EI benefits and the up to
$900 bi-weekly for 15 weeks that can be accessed by those who are quarantined or sick
with COVID-19, taking care of a sick family member with COVID-19, and/or parents who
must stay home to care for children due to school and daycare closures. That is a up to
$3000 a month that is available to help you through this time.
You, the tenant, must apply for the rental benefit as part of your
application for Employment Insurance Benefits.
We want to work through this with. If you feel that you may fall short on rent due
to the impacts of COVID-19, please reach out to us (in confidence) and we can
arrange a payment plan to help cover the balance of your rent for the short term.
This is a time when everyone needs to be working together – landlords and
tenants included.
Additionally, the Provincial Governments announcement included some adjustments to
procedures, many of which we had already communications to you and encourage our
residents to adopt. This includes limiting the number of peoples accessing common
areas like the laundry room or elevator, or restricting access entirely to common spaces
like pools and courtyards in order to encourage social distancing and slow the spread of
the virus. We continue to instruct our maintenance staff to take extra steps to sanitize
high-touch surfaces, including door handles, railings etc. in common areas. Also, as a
safety precaution, we will no longer to entering units for routine inspections, however,
will maintain access in the case of emergency, such as a fire of flood. Regarding repair
requests, we will prioritize urgent repair requests but defer non-urgent in-suite repairs
and maintenance, to reduce exposure.
The Federal Government has also announced several measures that may be of help to
you during this crisis. This includes:

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 An emergency care benefit for people who are self-employed.
 Deferral of Income Tax owing until August 2020.
 An expanded criteria for Employment Insurance eligibility.
If you are experiencing COVID-19-related financial challenges that will affect your ability
to pay your rent on time, please contact at
to discuss available options. It is our intention
to work with our tenants to get us all through this challenging time.
We wish you and your families well. In the words of provincial medical health officer Dr.
Bonnie Henry, “Be kind, be calm, be safe.”

Farid Entezari
Farid Entezari, Property Manager

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