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At Vancouver Property Management (VPM Group), we offer unique and high-end property management services to lift the burden from homeowners and relief them from the challenges of renting their homes and dealing with tenants on a daily basis. Each building, each tenant, and each landlord is different which is why we tailor our services to suit each individual requirement. 

With a true passion for property management, we are Renting & Managing hundreds and hundreds of Vancouver’s Finest Properties and keep them rented! Houses, Condos, Apartments, Townhouses in Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, UBC, and the Lower Mainland. 

VPM Group Advantage

Our executive team is a unique combination of licensed property managers, marketing professionals, certified accountants, highly skilled trades and maintenance professionals. Learn how we will deliver peace of mind.

Peace of Mind

Property Management Vancouver, VPM Group – Property Management Services Vancouver
By choosing VPM Group, you can take some time off to breathe without worrying about what’s happening with your property.

Our Relationship

Property Management Vancouver, VPM Group – Property Management Services Vancouver
We believe that delivering great service to our clients is about trust and providing service with a solid system and mutual understanding.

With Love!

Property Management Vancouver, VPM Group – Property Management Services Vancouver
We love what we do! At VPM Group, we build thriving communities — one property at a time. Our clients are never treated like a number!
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Our services

We Are Vancouver Property Management (VPM Group)

Keeping up with the extensive needs of your properties can be challenging and exhausting when done on your own. VPM Group (Vancouver Property Management) lifts the burden from homeowners with the best property management services.

Property Management Vancouver, VPM Group – Property Management Services Vancouver

Residential Properties

The Vancouver Property Management (VPM Group) management approach helps residential rental properties thrive.
Property Management Vancouver, VPM Group – Property Management Services Vancouver

Commercial Properties

Discover how Vancouver Property Management (VPM Group) can make a difference for your commercial property.

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Properties For Rent

Call Vancouver Property Management (VPM Group) today if you are looking for a professional licensed property manager to rent out your property — or if you are looking to rent a home in Vancouver and the surrounding areas.

Residential Properties

We are fortunate to know the breadth of Vancouver’s residential options from the inside-out. From suburban areas rife with traditional family homes to downtown apartments popular with professionals, we understand how important it is that you are happy with your tenants and that they are happy with their home.

Leave the talking to us — we’ll attract the right families to your Renfrew-Collingwood detached property, all thanks to our maintenance-driven approach. Worried about who will be moving into your apartment? Don’t be — we background check all prospective tenants, giving you peace of mind.

Commercial Properties

From retail storefronts in the city centre to warehouses on the outskirts of town, commercial properties are the backbone of Vancouver. It is essential that you have the right property management team available to keep whatever business you’re housing thriving — and therefore your income in turn.

We’ll ensure that your commercial property is well-maintained and securely tenanted year-round. Be it an office building or doctor’s surgery, don’t take the risk on who you’re housing and whether you’re doing a good job — trust in us, because we always will be.

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Want to know more and get updated with latest news for homeowners and tenants in Vancouver? Make sure to read our blog once in a while…

Trustworthy Property Management

At VPM Group, we’re proud that our service is second-to-none. Our team pride themselves on their attentiveness, consistently high standards and strong customer focus. Fully licensed and insured, we are wholly dedicated to taking care of your property to the best of our ability. You can depend on us to keep your income boosted, your tenants satisfied and your issues resolved. Trust in VPM Group to do a good job with your property every time.

For Owners

Our extensive, owner-focused range of services is comprehensive and guaranteed to keep landlord concerns at bay. At VPM Group, we cover everything — from tenant background checks and selection to rental surveys, property maintenance and lease agreements that are inclusive of safeguards. We’ll also discuss your needs with you to ensure that we tick all the boxes for what you’d expect from your property management service, every time.

Why Choose Us?

There is one huge reason why VPM Group should be your preferred property management service in Vancouver — and that is quality.

We know this city and its properties inside-out. Whether you’re a private landlord renting to mid-income families or you’re strictly commercial, leave it with us to get things sorted and keep them sorted.

Our services include:

  • • Advertising, to help you attract the best and preferred prospects
  • • Holistic tenant background checks, so you’ll always trust who’s under your roof
  • • Rental process provisions, so you don’t need to worry about finding a new tenant — we’ve got it covered
  • • Rent surveys, so you can get the right price and therefore attract reliable prospects and even marketing and maintenance

We have an outstanding reputation across Vancouver — just check out our customer testimonials. And if that’s not enough, we’d be more than happy to talk to you about your needs and expectations. We will guarantee to meet and exceed them.

Get in touch with our team today to find out more. We’d love to talk!

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