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VPM Group Overview

We are Vancouver Property Management (VPM Group), providing full-service property management in the Greater Vancouver Area. Keeping up with the extensive needs of your properties can be challenging and exhausting when done on your own. VPM Group lifts the burden from homeowners with unique property management services in the Greater Vancouver Area. VPM Group won the prestigious Consumer Choice Award for two consecutive years since 2022 and selected as the BEST Property Management Company in North Vancouver.

At VPM Group, we deliver professionalism with a wide range of available management options, including:

  • • Tenant Placement
  • • Rental Management
  • • Trades Management

We offer dedicated property management services throughout Vancouver and the surrounding regions (such as Burnaby, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, and UBC). If you are looking for a certified property manager that is capable of handling the specific needs of your properties and tenants, contact Vancouver Property Management (VPM Group) today.

We Help Property Owners

At Vancouver Property Management (VPM Group), it is our goal to take the burden out of owning your property. Our property management services are designed to let busy property owners take a step back, all without needing to feel like they are out of the loop from their own property. Thanks to our extensive industry experience and fantastic communication skills, you’ll be kept directly in the loop with regular reporting and consultations.

Why Choose VPM Group?

There are a number of reasons a property owner may want to consider investing in our services. We can help with finding and arranging tenants for rental properties, for example, by using our skills to make your property more attractive and then vetting the tenants that apply. We can also handle aspects of tenant management, including rent surveys and rent collection, refurbishment and renovation and so much more. Your needs are always our priority.

Our Vancouver property management services appeal to a diverse section of clients, thanks to the vibrancy and diversity found in Vancouver. This means that we are well-versed in handling the property management needs of a range of different units. This includes apartments, housing, condos, UBC student accommodation and more. Whatever your building is, if you’re renting it to a tenant then VPM Group can help you.

We offer a premium service package to our clients, based on their needs, their property and their perfect tenants. If you are interested in professional and dependable property management, contact our certified property managers today!

A Team You Can Trust

Vancouver Property Management enjoys a glowing reputation amongst our clients in Vancouver and beyond for a number of reasons. Our sheer level of experience in the industry allows us to successfully manage many different properties throughout the Vancouver area, giving us a unique insight into the needs of both landlords and tenants. It also allows us to offer a range of services that are uniquely tailored to those needs.

We also offer a level of customer service that our clients trust. We pride ourselves on being a friendly team that focuses on customer dedication, ensuring that our clients never feel like they’re out of the loop when it comes to how their properties are being managed. We put your needs and your preferences at the forefront of everything we do, which means that every decision and idea is developed directly with you in mind.

Whether you require assistance with finding and vetting tenants, providing rent surveys or rent collection, or financial reporting, our certified property managers at Vancouver Property Management (VPM Group) offer an experience that’s a cut above the rest.

What Makes Us The Preferred Choice

peace of mind

Peace of Mind

By choosing VPM Group, you can take some time off to breathe without worrying about what’s happening with your property.

Our Relationship

We believe that delivering great service to our clients is about trust and providing service with an understanding human touch.
keep informed

Keep Informed

We keep you informed. Our detailed reports are posted on our website exclusively for clients at no extra charge.

With Love!

We love what we do! At VPM, we build thriving communities, one property at a time. Our clients are never treated like a number!
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Stories of people who found peace of mind by choosing and using our unique, customer first property management services…

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