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With our assistance, you can take some time off to breathe without worrying about what’s happening with your property and investment. We keep you informed and handle the everyday tasks associated with the management of your property, so you can focus on enjoying your continuous income.

Making Your Property Even More Attractive

When it comes to rental and investment properties, the best way to increase your income is to frequently improve the value and reputation of your properties. That’s what we strive to accomplish for our homeowners. Through combination of a geo targeted marketing and continuous maintenance/improvement, we help you attract the tenants you want and boost your investment income.

VPM Group Excellent Property Management Doesn’t Cost. It Pays.

Vancouver Property Management (VPM Group) creates expertly crafted advertisements to attract outstanding tenants for unoccupied properties. We prioritize efficiency and timely delivery to present the best candidates to our clients, ultimately increasing your return on investment and protecting your investment property.

Rent Surveys

Vancouver Property Management (VPM Group) conducts rent surveys to monitor the rent of properties similar to yours. The correct target rent enhances the process of attracting qualified prospects, and as a result, earns you a steady income and long term tenant retention.


After the rent surveys are completed to determine competitive market rents in any particular location, VPM Group starts the leasing process. Vancouver Property Management (VPM Group) markets vacant properties by whatever means that have proven effective, including: ads in the print media, classified ads in major search engines, Craig’s list and online classifieds. Eye catching signs are also affixed on the property itself when available.

Vancouver Property Management (VPM Group) applications are emailed at the open houses to the interested prospects. Prospects can also obtain applications at our office or directly from our website. The ease of applying has increased the number of applications and reduced the processing time. Once the application is carefully screened and approved, the tenant signs a lease agreement that has many safeguards for owners, and complies with all local and provincial rules and regulations.

Analytical Tenant Background Check and Tenant Selection

At Vancouver Property Management (VPM Group), we perform a comprehensive analysis of all potential tenants including a credit check and calls to the last landlord and work references listed on the tenancy application. Our criteria bring in tenants that pay the rent your unit is worth and stay for long term. A good tenant is always worth the hard work.

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    Financial Reporting

    Vancouver Property Management, operating under VPM Group, is delighted to extend its exceptional services, offering accurate monthly statements and reports delivered through email to our esteemed clients. Our comprehensive solutions encompass specially designed NR4 tax statements for non-Canadian residents. Experience the advantages of our reliable property management services, expertly provided by our dedicated team of professionals.

    Maintenance & Renovations

    At Vancouver Property Management (VPM Group), we have established ties and special rates with the most reliable and skilled contractors and trades in the town. This can save you thousands of dollars should your existing property need some work done. In addition, if you decide to purchase a property that needs a lot of work, you can buy with the knowledge that rehab and management will be seamlessly integrated by VPM Group.

    Rent collection

    Vancouver Property Management (VPM Group) is very firm about rent collections. Rents are due on the first day of each month and will be collected through Pre Authorized Debit system (PAD) by RE/MAX. Late fees are charged and if necessary legal action is taken to ensure proper payment.


    Vancouver Property Management (VPM Group) accounting system is capable of providing all the properties accounting needs. Rents are meticulously recorded and all requested expenses are paid in a timely fashion. RE/MAX Crest accounting and VPM Group staff are always available to answer clients’ questions about the status of their properties.


    Our comprehensive financial reports are conveniently sent via email to our clients on a monthly basis, typically around the 15th of each month, following the receipt of the monthly payment. This regular update provides a concise overview of all the latest information. The accounting statement encompasses essential elements, such as a rent roll, a ledger of trust account activities, and notably, an income statement. The formatting of the Monthly Report can be tailored to align precisely with your unique accounting requirements.

    NR4 Reporting

    We offer Non-Resident clients peace of mind with our annual provision of NR4 statements, ensuring compliance. Our services extend to handling NR4 tax filing, simplifying the process for non-Canadian residents. Trust us for hassle-free financial management.

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