CONSUMER CHOICE AWARD, CCA, VPM Group best property management company in 2022 in North Vancouver

VPM Group RE/MAX has won the Consumer Choice Award among property management companies in North Vancouver. With a unique approach to residential and commercial property management, the business has become the number one choice of customers in the region.

The Customer Choice Award has a unique appeal in the industry because the winners are chosen by those who pay for the products and services. Transparent and unbiased, the voting process is managed by some of the most respected market research companies in North America.

As any residential or commercial property owner knows, property management can be a challenging task. Managing tenants and their problems can exhaust anyone. But not if you’re with VPM Group RE/MAX. The firm simplifies property management by understanding that its services have to be tailored to the unique needs of every building, landlord, and tenant.

The team at VPM Group RE/MAX consists of licensed property managers, certified accountants, maintenance professionals, marketing professionals, and highly skilled tradespeople. The staff provides exceptional service with attentiveness and an unrelenting customer focus.

A property owner can rely on the firm to boost their income and resolve tenant issues. The company takes care of everything from selection and background checks of tenants to rental surveys, lease agreements, and property maintenance. The team members will understand the unique needs of the owners and ensure that the service is customized to their requirements.

VPM Group RE/MAX offers superior quality and a wide range of services that are unparalleled in the region. The company has advertising services to get the right kind of tenants. The comprehensive background checks make sure that property owners would know everything about their tenants.

By taking the burden off its clients’ shoulders, VPM Group RE/MAX has become the preferred name in property management in North Vancouver.


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