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North Vancouver Neighborhoods: A blend of natural beauty, historic streets, and vibrant communities.



Investing in North Vancouver: A Smart Move

Are you considering investing in real estate? Look no further than North Vancouver! With its stunning natural beauty, thriving community, and strong housing market, North Vancouver offers excellent opportunities for investors.

Why choose North Vancouver? The demand for rental properties remains consistently high, and property values have been steadily appreciating over the years. Investing now means you’ll likely see substantial returns in the future.

At VPM Group RE/MAX, we specialize in property management and investment services. We’ll guide you in choosing the right investment property based on your goals, budget, and risk tolerance. Our expert market analysis ensures informed decisions. Once you’ve acquired a property, we handle tenant placement and ongoing management.

Explore North Vancouver Neighborhoods

Each neighborhood in North Vancouver has its unique character and amenities, some of the famous neighborhoods are:

  • Lower Lonsdale (LoLo): A waterfront hub with trendy restaurants, bars, and the iconic Lonsdale Quay Market.
  • Central Lonsdale: A mix of residential and commercial spaces, perfect for strolling along Lonsdale Avenue.
  • Grand Boulevard: Historic homes, tree-lined streets, and a central park area for community events.
  • Moodyville: Undergoing revitalization, attracting young families and professionals.
  • Cedar Village: Close to schools, shopping centers, and parks.
  • Mahon: A quiet neighborhood with a strong sense of community.
  • Marine Hamilton: Up-and-coming area with diverse amenities.
  • Westview: Residential and commercial mix near Capilano University and Capilano Mall.
  • Tempe: Peaceful area with tree-lined streets and local schools.
  • Indian River: Tranquil escape surrounded by lush forests and hiking trails.

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