Property Management in Burnaby, BC

As a property owner in Vancouver, you can be confident that you’ll receive many invaluable benefits from using the services of one of the Vancouver area’s leading property management companies.


Our expert team at Vancouver Property Management (VPM Group) is waiting to provide you with professional property management services that will enhance your capital investment and maximize its yield.


When it comes to property management in Burnaby BC, VPM Group has you covered — whether you live in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby and all surrounding areas.


Our solutions for property management in Burnaby, BC offer a comprehensive service for landlords in these areas. We look after all types of domestic residences including houses, condos, duplexes and apartments.


If you live in or near Vancouver and you’re interested in property management, call us today!

Why Hire a Property Management Company?

Investing in property is a great capital investment for the future, which means that hiring a firm that specializes in property management around Burnaby, BC and surrounding areas is the most effective way to manage your rental property portfolio.


Although it is possible for owners to self-manage their properties, many more investors opt to use the services of a professional property management rentals team to take on the responsibility for them. This is especially important if you own multiple properties or have additional business and personal obligations to fulfill.


At VPM Group, our professional team of property managers can help solve your tenant-related problems and take over time-consuming tasks, including:

  • • Rent collection, management and adjustment
  • • Tenant sourcing, screening and removal
  • • Property repairs and maintenance
  • • Implementing landlord-tenant laws and regulations, including compliance with property safety standards
  • • Overseeing and managing contractors, as well as ensuring vacant properties are properly maintained
  • • Budget management
  • • Property records maintenance
  • • Property tax management and filing

Our experienced property management services will take care of all aspects of rental property management, saving you the hassle and expense of taking on the responsibility yourself.

When to Hire a Property Manager

Although not all landlords decide to use the services of a property management company, there are several reasons why doing so is advantageous.

You own multiple properties or rental units

If you own multiple properties and don’t have the necessary time to look after daily property management tasks, hiring a property management company is the way to go. Managing multiple properties means looking after the needs of many tenants, which can entail a whole gamut of issues that can be challenging to keep up with.

You live a distance from your rental property

If you live a distance away from your rental property, this can be a real hassle if something goes wrong. A professional property management company is a valuable service that can oversee the running of the property on your behalf.

You don’t have the time to manage your rental property

If you own another business or work full-time, being a landlord might be one commitment too many. Hiring a property management team will free you up so that you can concentrate on growing your business or working at your day job.

Property management doesn’t interest you

Many property owners are not interested in the management side of their investment. At VPM Group, we understand that. That’s why our team can take over managing your property for you, relieving you of the potential hassles and allowing you to enjoy your property strictly as an investment and a valuable source of monthly income.

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