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About Me

Farid Entezari: Your Dedicated Property Manager and Realtor

Farid is a seasoned Professional Engineer (P.Eng) licensed in Canada (AB), boasting a comprehensive background in Electrical Engineering. His academic journey includes acquiring an MBA from the prestigious University of Birmingham in England, UK. With an illustrious career spanning two decades, Farid has notably contributed to renowned engineering and construction conglomerates in Canada and Dubai.

His dual commitment to both engineering and real estate has been his hallmark. Since the culmination of his studies, Farid has passionately cultivated a part-time engagement in real estate, which eventually prompted him to undertake a transformative decision in 2016. He made the transition to real estate as a full-time pursuit and has garnered numerous accolades and awards in recognition of his outstanding accomplishments.

Licensed adeptly in both Real Estate Sales and Property ManagementFarid is affiliated with the esteemed RE/MAX Crest office in Vancouver, BC. He stands as the visionary Founder and Director of the acclaimed Vancouver Property Management Group (VPM Group).

Farid’s synergy of engineering acumen, MBA expertise, and profound experience in overseeing monumental construction projects underscores his remarkable capabilities. His robust proficiency in procurement, project management, and academic training in negotiations empowers him to deliver unparalleled outcomes for your property investments.

With proficiency in English, Farsi, and a little Turkish, Farid bridges languages and cultures to serve you with excellence. Trust Farid to be your paragon of professionalism, ensuring the utmost success in your real estate ventures.

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